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NEWS; Ponovno odprtje foruma. Vstopamo v mesec OKTOBER, s tem se začno tudi predavanja.
potrebujemo še dva predsednika bratovščin!

Pozdravljeni na Cyprus-Rhodes University, znameniti univerzi okrožja Orange County, kjer lahko končno zaživite polno študentsko življenje. Registrirajte se z imenom, izpolnite vpisnico, mi pa bomo presodili v katero izmed bratovščin oziroma sestrščin spadate.


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1. letnik, novinarstvo in fotografija

Število prispevkov : 9
Join date : 25/07/2010
Age : 28
Kraj : Boston, Massachusetts

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ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: cindy's profile.   cindy's profile. EmptySob Jul 31, 2010 2:35 pm

cindy's profile. H

Basic Information
    Boston, USA
    Cyprus-Rhodes University

Sex: Female
Birthday: 6th of July
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Men
Religious Views: Karma

Personal Information
  • Dancing
  • Friends
  • Photography
  • Sunsets
  • Animals
  • Coffee
  • Parties
  • Originality

    Favorite Music:
  • Owl City
  • Muse
  • Brown Eyed Girls
  • miss A
  • Craig David
  • Mae
  • Nickelback
  • Backstreet Boys
  • T-ara
  • Theory of a Deadman
  • Fireflight
  • More..

    Favorite TV Shows:
    I am not a great TV lover, so, I don't really watch TV ):.

    Favorite Movies:
  • Avatar
  • Legends Of The Fall
  • The Notebook
  • Hotel for Dogs
  • The Cube
  • Freedom Writers
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Underworld
  • Bride Wars

Contact Information

Email: hyomin.cinds@skye.net

Education and Work

College: Cyprus-Rhodes University

    Member Of:
    I love the people who keep a smile when they have every right to break down.
    I hate it when i walk in a shop, and the salesperson follows u, its weird.
    I was waiting for a reply and then realized I never even sent the last text.
    I tried to sleep, but instead I played out impossible scenarios in my head.
    "Yes mom, just a few minutes then ill logout" OH, a Notification! *online~*
    If the world ends in 2012, i've wasted my whole life in school. . . lovely.
    You know you're awesome when people you don't even know hate you.
    I tell a funny story. No one laughs.... IT WAS FUNNY WHEN IT HAPPENED OK?!
    I'm not jealous, it just bugs me.
    I'm paranoid because the spider I saw five seconds ago isn't there anymore.
    When I Say DON'T TELL ANYONE....I freakin mean it! Geez.
    wow thats real funny becuase thats NOT what happend AT ALL.
    Weird Friends...you've got to love them Smile <3
    Hitting every button to stop the last message on your phone from being sent.
    Karma - What Goes Around Comes Around
    My room was clean, but then i needed something....
    I hate when people add me & ask me who I am! U ADDED ME ! WHO ARE U ?! …. and 192 more.

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1. letnik, angleščina in filozofija
1. letnik, angleščina in filozofija

Število prispevkov : 7
Join date : 29/07/2010
Age : 26
Kraj : Saint Petersburg, Russia

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ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: Re: cindy's profile.   cindy's profile. EmptyNed Avg 01, 2010 2:23 pm

    cindy's profile. 78738078
    Sasha Petrova wrote:

      Hello (:
      Em, Sasha xD
      Tudi jaz dvomim, da bi se od kje poznali. Razen če si bila v Rusiji kaj? (:
      Ali pa mogoče s hodnikov?

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